Monday, June 4, 2012

Tool #9 Incorporating the Tools

Connecting Technology to the Objective: Technology should be connected to the objective. This ensures that the technology is a conduit to learning rather than the learning itself.

2. Importance of Student Accountability: Students should be accountable for the stations/centers because it will indicate what they have learned and how well they have used the technology. An activity without student accountability is just busy work and does not fulfill the TEKS.

 3. Two Applicable Links: The post card creator in Thinkfinity would work well to have students create a visual representation of places that they have read about in novels. Another great tool for English teachers is the grammar tool at English Grammar 101. It is as self-paced grammar tool that helps students review their needs and re-teach where and as necessary.

4. Three Apps:
App #1 -- Shakespeare in Bits: The station/center would have the students watch bits of whatever play we were currently reading. It is interactive and allows students to look up the definitions to words they are having trouble with, animated action, gives analysis and study notes, as well as character maps.

App #2 -- Inkflow:  This is basically a white board app that allows students to brainstorm and then link to the ActivBoard. 

App #3 -- Verses: This is an electronic version of 'magnetic poetry'.  The students will have access to interactive 'magnets' that can be moved allowing them to create poetry.  The students can then share via email, ,Facebook or to the photo album which can then be sent to the ActivBoard.

 5. Other Uses for iPads in Stations/Centers:  Students can use Diigo to do research on the different eras in British Literature.  At a station, each student has access to an IPad or Netbook with a Diigo site open.  This allows students to focus on the pertinent information and fore go the extraneous.

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  1. You and Brian must have explored the apps together. There is also a post card app that students can use to create visual representations and then write for the iPad.