Monday, June 4, 2012

Tool #7 Online Legacy

Content Objective:  The students will research various pop culture references and will collaborate using Google Documents (to monitor activity) to create a web page which will include a Stupeflix video.

Implementation Timeline:  Spring 2013.

Tools I plan to use:  Google Docs
                                   Stupeflix Studios

Brief Discription:  Students will choose a pop culture reference.  They will then research their topic.  They will use Google Docs to collaborate with their group members.  They will then create a Stupeflix video on their pop culture reference.  Then, with their group members, they will create a Weebly web page where they will embed their videos and write a opening page and a summary.  They will also create a Works Cited page.

Networking:  This will be accomplished using the school library.

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