Monday, June 4, 2012

Tool #2 Community Building

Posting to other blogs is very easy for me. It's much like posting to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I also have a website for my students that has embedded code such as a blog, calendar and videos. Making the Voki avatar was the most difficult thing for me because I had to narrow it down!

I plan on visiting Diigo in the near future. I plan on using it with my seniors for the research stations on Victorian Literature. I want them to get the information in a timely manner.  Using Diigo will allow this to happen.  Once I have the devices in my classroom, I will be able to have them be one of the stations for this unit.  The students, instead of digging through tons of text, will be able to get the pertinent information in a timely manner because I will be able to go through the text and highlight what I want them to look at.


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